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What is Huian marble carving stone?

From: Date:3/11/2011

Agate stone is constructed with a pattern with chalcedony, which is a colloidal minerals, the main component is silicon dioxide. Hardness is 6.5-7, specific gravity of 2.65, the fracture was conchoidal, transparent to translucent, shiny glass. Agate pure quality by key should be white, due to the presence of impurities or other non-ferrous ions, to appear gray, red, blue and other colors. Natural red agate stone through the "red-hot", treatment can become a red light red agate. High quality white agate can also be dyed various colors. Often made of agate bracelet on the market, but also do some small ornaments and ornaments. Agate stone the main output of Brazil, the main origin of agate Fuxin City in Liaoning.